27/05/2014 13:15

On May 16, 2014 within the II All-Russian scientific and practical conference "ComplementaryEducation in the field of Sciences about Life", in the Palace of Youth Creativity the Round Table of RSEU’s campaign "Energy efficiency – the biggest power plant of Russia place". The participants - the complementary education teachers working on the ecological-biological orientation, examined exhibits of the innovative power effective development created by the school students from more than 50 Centers of complementary education of Moscow; discussed the materials of Campaign developed by RSEU; listened to and discussed the thematic reports and presentations.

27/05/2014 13:05

In March-May 2014 SPARE schools of the Moscow region actively participated in the campaign "Energy efficiency – the biggest power plant of Russia". The summary material "Possibilities of Energy Efficiency in the Moscow Region" was made, competitions on thematic posters, hand-made articles, projects were held, some lines of trees within the campaign were planted. The final forum took place in the non-governmental educational institution "The Orthodox Center of Education for the sake of Great Regal Martyrs" in Barkovo in the Pushkin district, Moscow region. All the stages of Campaign gave a new incentive in the professional orientation work among the pupils.

31/03/2014 13:45

School ecosupporters who completed international project «Step to Ecosupport» training, organized by «Friends of the Baltic» NGO, presented on 18 March in St. Petersburg the first implementation results of environmental solutions and energy conservation in schools. Experience exchange seminar held within Academy of postgraduate pedagogical education conference «Environmental education for the Gulf of Finland Year».

25/01/2014 03:00

19 SPARE-teachers from 9 regions of Armenia participated in seminar discussion, which took place in the “Media Centre” of SPARE-Armenia’s partner Mghitar Sebastaci Educational Complex.

23/09/2013 14:17

On 21th of September the All-russian campaign «Energy efficiency - the largest, cleanest and cheapest source of energy in Russia» was launched in St. Petersburg within The Days of Europe.
Friends of the Baltic - Russian SPARE-coordinator and Climate Secretariat of the Russian Socio-ecological Union presented the exhibition «Simple lessons of energy efficiency» that showed how each of us can save energy, resources, and the family budget.

25/08/2013 11:53

Authors: Ludmila Zhirina, Ganna Shutenko, Bamidele Oni

In the spring of 2013, members of the NGO "Viola" V.V. Shinkarenko and L.S. Zhirina developed some interesting materials for the program SPARE in the regards of teaching children in the age range of 5-9 years. Some of the materials have been published in two books by "Icar".

08/07/2013 12:31

On the 22nd of May, 2013 NGO "Viola" (Russia) and NGO «Green Impact International» (Nigeria, West Africa) held an international environmental conference on Skype for children in Russia and Nigeria. In Russia the conference was held on the platform of the SPARE program at the Center of gymnasium number 1 Bryansk district, Bryansk region. Major participants were students, winners of the SPARE 2012-2013 environmental projects.

24/05/2013 00:57

May 16, Centre of teachers’ qualification improvement of Dushanbe, the seminar for teachers-participants SPARE was held. The event was organized by the Environmental organization «Small Earth», with the assistance of the Capital Department of education.